Pre-Cut or Post-Cut Roll Forming Lines? Which is better? | ACHR News

Roll forming lines can be configured in two ways to create length-specific formed parts. One method is pre-cutting, which involves cutting the steel coil before it enters the roll former. The other method is post-cutting, where a profiled shear cuts the sheet after it is formed. Both methods have their advantages, and the choice depends on specific factors related to your production requirements.

With advancements in technology, both pre-cut and post-cut lines have become highly effective and efficient configurations for roll forming. The integration of servos and closed loop controls has revolutionized post-cut flying shears, providing them with increased speed and accuracy. Moreover, anti-flare fixtures can now be controlled by servos, allowing a pre-cut line to achieve comparable flare tolerances to a post-cut line. In fact, some roll forming lines are equipped with both pre-cut and post-cut shears, and with the help of advanced control features, the entry shear can make the final cut of the order, eliminating the scrap that has traditionally been associated with post-cut lines. This technological progress has truly transformed the roll forming industry, making it more efficient and sustainable than ever before. Metal Roof Roll Forming Machine

Pre-Cut or Post-Cut Roll Forming Lines? Which is better? | ACHR News

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Pre-Cut or Post-Cut Roll Forming Lines? Which is better? | ACHR News

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