14 Marble Bathroom Ideas For A Polished, Luxe Look

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From elegant marble flooring to stylish marble accessories... Vogue

14 Marble Bathroom Ideas For A Polished, Luxe Look

Contrary to what you might think, the luxury bathroom aesthetic isn’t confined to boutique hotels and stately homes. Marble can play a unique role in transforming a bathroom from dull and drab to high-end and luxe – without costing a pretty penny. From elegant marble flooring to stylish marble-effect bathroom accessories, there are plenty of ways you can add a splash of this sumptuous material to your bathroom so it oozes luxury appeal.

'Marble is one of those design trends that will never go out of style as it adds a timeless look of opulence to a space. It’s no wonder it remains one of the most popular materials for bathroom makeovers – whether that’s a full marble transformation, or adding elements of marble through accessories and furnishings,' says Rachel Miles, Head of Home and Garden at eBay.

'On eBay, we’ve seen searches for bathroom marble increasing by 20 per cent – with more and more people turning to pre-loved to help keep costs down on a notoriously expensive material.'

Sarah Escott, Design Manager at Amtico, says: 'The heightened desire for a connection to nature and for spaces that evoke feelings of sanctuary and calm continues to drive how homes are decorated, particularly in the bathroom. Elegant, understated and effortlessly beautiful, marble remains one of the most popular choices for bathroom flooring. Thanks to its natural pigmentations and veining, it allows you to create a luxurious, spa-like environment in your bathroom.'

'There are many ways to introduce marble into your bathroom design. From applying a single product across the whole space through to using multiple colours in a more modern or classic combination within alternative laying patterns. For variation and movement, opt for a marble parquet flooring,' Sarah suggests.

'Shifting to a more contemporary aesthetic we have started to see more natural, softer tones introduced. Marbles now feature a more chalky, paler tonal palette that not only give a more realistic marble effect but are able to lend themselves to a wider variety of interior schemes and styles.'

Keep reading to find out how you can incorporate marble into your bathroom to create a seriously luxe look.

Create a space that screams luxury by incorporating marble bathroom walls. Opting for a gloss white porcelain marble wall tile will give off a beautifully bright appearance that will stay looking fresh for years to come. For a natural finish, pair with wood effect bathroom flooring and a selection of indoor foliage.

Image: Original Style Bianco Oro tiles, Hyperion Tiles

These stunning marble effect tiles are inspired by the luxurious Cappella marble – perfect if you're looking for a luxe marble appearance without the high price point.

When designing your bathroom, the flooring you choose will set the scene for the whole room. Having a light floor will create the illusion of space, whilst the gloss aspect will act as a light reflector. If you want to create an opulent bathroom aesthetic with a bright, airy feel, go for gloss marble flooring.

Image: Onyx marble flooring, Amtico

With its solid white background and subtle grey and gold veining, this Carrara marble dupe masters the luxe look. Plus, the easy clean glossy tiles come in at a fraction of the price compared to real Carrara marble.

You don't have to splash out on a whole refit to achieve a high-end aesthetic. Adding a few marble accessories can be all it takes to give your bathroom a luxe setting (plus, it won't break the bank). Create a unified look with the following marble effect bathroom accessories: a toothbrush holder, toilet brush and soap dish.

Image: Marble toothbrush holder, The White Company

This marble toothbrush holder is the real deal. Made from natural marble, it's as luxurious as it is practical. We recommend pairing with H&M's matching soap dish and soap dispenser.

Let's face it – marble and gold are a perfect pairing. Gold accessories complement marble walls and floors, creating a glamorous and clean aesthetic in bathrooms. There's no need to hold back when it comes to adding gold to your marble bathroom. Think gold taps, a gold toilet flush and gold cabinet handles.

Image: Mia Horton Interiors marble bathroom design, JTP

This gold basin mixer tap is a match made in heaven for designer marble bathrooms. It features an elegant spout and minimalist lever handle to add a dash of class to your bathroom. Coordinate the look with the matching gold shower from the Spencer range.

A lesson in colour, texture and contrasting shapes, here deep teal walls complement glossy hexagonal tiles, while the grain pattern of the dark wood calms what is a bold bathroom corner. Yet it is the squared marble sink – with sharp, sleek lines – which commands attention despite being pared-back in appearance. Playing with shape, the squared sink perfectly contrasts with the oval mirror hanging above.

Image: Bathroom design by Aflux Designs

Create an added layer of contrast by incorporating marble sanitaryware in your bathroom. Go contemporary with the sharp, sleek lines of a squared sink, or tap into organic forms with a circular design. This round, distinctive black marble sink is handmade in Indonesia, making every one completely unique. It's a real eye-catcher!

For a distinctive take on traditional marble design, consider mosaic marble. Adding a pattern alongside marble will give your bathroom an extra layer of character and visual interest. You could even experiment with marble in other forms, such as geometric or striped patterns.

Image: Palazzo marble brickbond tiles, Hyperion Tiles

With its fresh white background and subtle grey highlights, this marble would look timeless in both modern and traditional bathrooms. The 3D cube design gives these tiles a real edge – and they can be installed on walls or floors.

Representing balance, nature and rebirth, green is a powerful colour to include in your bathroom. When blending the natural material of marble with forest green hues, you get a harmonious, revitalising atmosphere that you'll feel total tranquility in. Add a selection of indoor plants for a botanical setting.

Image: Microcosmi coating, Terratinta Group

Bring the boutique hotel look home with this gorgeous green soap dispenser. It's designed with raised diamond edging and a chrome pump to make it look much more expensive than it is! There's also a matching tumbler and soap dish to complete the look.

Marble effect tiles aren't the only way to mimic the real thing on a smaller budget. Marble wallpaper is an inexpensive alternative to real marble that looks just as luxurious (well, almost). Just make sure you pick a wallpaper that's suitable for bathrooms, as not all designs are suitable for damp conditions.

Image: Marble wallpaper mural, Bobbi Beck

Create a tranquil ambience in your bathroom with this cream marble wallpaper. It's washable and easy to hang by simply pasting it to the wall. Plus, it's an absolute steal.

Two-tone bathrooms are a popular design choice among interior experts as they amplify a room's depth and dimension. For a striking effect, play around with different tones of marble: white marble walls paired with anthracite marble flooring make for an ideal colour combo in modern bathrooms. A floral wall mural and gold fixtures amp up the luxury factor.

Image: Mia Horton Interiors marble bathroom design, JTP

Aside from its practical benefits of keeping your towels toasty and warm, this gold towel rail will create a fabulous focal point in your bathroom, perfectly complementing marble wall or floor tiles for a luxe finish.

When you think of marble, you probably envision white upon white. Although white marble is a popular choice, marble bathrooms can look luxurious and effective in other colours, too. Grey marble offers an almost urban twist on the standard white aesthetic, complementing contemporary bathroom spaces.

Image: Neo mini cabinet, Omvivo

Designed with intricate white veins and a high gloss finish, these grey marble effect tiles are luxurious and practical in equal measure. The tiles are finished with a glaze that's resistant to stains and water damage, making them perfect for busy bathrooms.

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We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

14 Marble Bathroom Ideas For A Polished, Luxe Look

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